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Collybia ultra low noise Netzteil 5 Volt / 2-3 A

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  • New era for power supplies and high sound quality. Texas Instruments produce, for the first time in electronic History, a special “low” noise audio chip for power supplies.

    With this Ultra Low Noise chip from TI, we achieve the unbelievable. With only  4.4 μVRMS Output noise voltage, we can say that this power supply is the most “quietpower supply, ever made.


    The Ideal partner of Mamboberry LS DAC+ (and every dac out there) and with 2A – 3A capability(for the first time also), no one would resist it.

    More clarity in the middle field, larger sound stage and more control to the whole sound spectrum, it is the final conclusions for Mambo Power Supply as an addition to Mamboberry LS DAC+

  • Capable to choose between 110V/220V with a transition jumper inside the case.
  • USB plug socket and an ON/OFF switch at the back.
  • Power cable is not included(classic PC power cable).
  • USB -> micro USB cable is included.